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Kope Kreations

Home Fragrances Combo

Home Fragrances Combo

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Home Fragrances Combo - To celebrate our new Room & Linen spray, we are giving you a chance to buy a combo of both. The combo includes any scent of our Sprinkle & Vac and any scent of our Room & Linen sprays, Every purchase made, will receive a FREE wax melt. This could be ranging from any of shapes or a clamshells !

Instructions for use

(Not suitable for carpet tiles)

Gently sprinkle the powder over the required area.

Leave for 5-10 minutes or how ever long is required.

Vacuum all of the powder up

Health and safety

Do not leave alone young children or animals while the Freshener is down.

Always do a patch test when trying on a new carpet/area.

Empty the vacuum after each and every use.


*Please see our CLP page for information regarding ingredients and allergens  *

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